These Waves Are Big

To sum up all our approach in one line we can only say “Right Trade at the Right Time”

When markets are volatile we will help to navigate our traders in trading and not to react with the market’s volatility as there are new assists class making their way in to market and volatility is the KEY! It is here to stay and we teach how to use it to make great trading opportunity.

Learn how market dynamics works and how to swim with the Sharks without being eaten alive ~

We do believe market volatility always triggers the major trends and counter-trend moves can be also cashed in to greater profits, we are always inclined to cover and trade with stops so to minimize our risk and can ride a greater rewards in the markets.

Nothing Fancy easy to implement and forecasted advice that doesn’t make scientists just trades for simple trades and more effective and productive trading.

We are in the game of trade since 1992. We REALLY trade. Our journey started with small investors and we learnt through losing money.
With the flow of markets and related certifications nearly 30 years have made us GOLD! We are so able to define our risk and reward.


The Journey to High-Confidence Trading Starts Now! Next Stop: Corrective Wave Patterns

Read the latest Bitcoin news and forecasts to plan your trades using fundamental and technical analysis.

Russia vs. Ukraine: See One Indicator That Predicted the Invasion a Month in Advance



We are not Bull neither Bear

we don`t go in the market with fixed mind rather we follow with the flow of the market and react to market conditions.

We analyze what market dictates to us we follow the rhythm of the markets with price and time cycle. Crypto and Digital assets, Non Fungible Token, MetaVerse etc including the now starting

Russia vs. Ukraine: How to Predict an Invasion Using the Stock Market

Wheat Prices Heat Up BUT Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Did NOT Start the Fire

Russia vs. Ukraine: How to Predict an Invasion Using the Stock Market

Wheat Prices Heat Up BUT Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Did NOT Start the Fire

It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients and contribute to the broader public.

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Three- tier Positions for the Day Trading

Day trading is trading on daily basis and close the potion on market close (MOC), Traders get precise trading entries with precise stops.

This trading service is ideal for traders who want expert guidance as well as who want to stay in the business and want to learn market dynamics. We know that many trading services professional do not define the specific entry level with defined stop for loss and projected target or give advice which is difficult to understand but MindVisionTraders are easy trading with on-point trading entries. 

We will offer defined short-term trade or mid-term trade with contra trend trade move and guide how to hedge the long term position with intra-day trade trend move to make most of the trades.
Bonus guidance for the Mid-term Trades keeping in view the trades for the long term Trend and breakdown of other trades with the mid-term cycle especially with insights of when to buy Options and trade them accordingly and Hedge the risk of mid-term positions.

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